Midwinter Open Mic

As our regular monthly slot would fall on the Winter Solstice and your humble host intends to be spending the shortest day inside a neolithic tomb, as has become traditional, we encourage you to spend that night writing prayers and songs beseeching the sun to return, and come on down to the Inky Fingers Open mic a week early, on Tuesday December 14th, 8 – 11pm.

As always, the Open Mic is open to absolutely anyone of any level of experience who’s put some good words in an interesting order and wants to share them with an appreciative audience – not just prose and poetry and everything in between, but also songs, comedy sets, experiments and just about anything else.

Our feature performers this month are Andrew C. Ferguson, a Writers’ Bloc regular and master performance storyteller, and Dave Coates, whose poems, dark and deep, will be helping us see the night in. They have been tasked with the theme of “Not Christmas”, for which they may or, in the spirit in which the theme was meant, may not be writing.

Check our Open Mic page for more information about our events and how to sign up to perform.