The Future: Inky Fingers Needs You

Thanks to everyone who has come along and participated in our events over the last three months. We’ve been delighted by the welcome both the Forest community and the Edinburgh live literature committee have shown us — and grateful for the big, enthusiastic audiences who’ve come along to our events. Most of all, we’re really happy that so many people have shared their work at the Open Mics and at the Writers’ Groups, because, after all, that’s what we’re here for.

These three months were always a bit of a proof of concept, an experiment to see whether Edinburgh wanted or needed an event series like Inky Fingers. Given the hugely enthusiastic reception we’ve had, and how quickly we seem to have attracted a wide range of writers, we’re happy to say we’ll definitely be continuing well into 2011. While the future of the Forest’s current building is of concern to everybody who cares about the arts in Edinburgh, and so we may end up having to adapt to a changing situation (keep donating to and working for the Save the Forest campaign to make that less disruptive!), we’re determined to keep Inky Fingers running.

But there are two main ways YOU might be able to help us improve, develop and grow:

First, we’re going to look at expanding our range of events in the new year. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about doing:

  • Applying for funding so that we can afford to bring writers along from further afield
  • Hosting writing and performance workshops with professionals
  • Organising a poetry slam or storyslam or two
  • Holding a “Best of Inky Fingers” Showcase, where people who’ve performed at Open Mics andf the Writers’ Group can apply for a longer performance slot
  • Planning some kind of “Inky Fingers Presents” literary cabaret for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Now, how much of this we’re able to do is going to depend in finding some more people to help out with the planning and running of events. Some of these plans are more easily accomplished; some of them will take much more work. Do you think you could have something to offer to help us out? Are you interested in being involved? You don’t have to have bunches of experience — after all, developing wriers’ event-running ability is our aim too — just energy, organisation and commitment. If you’re keen, send us an e-mail.

Secondly, we need your feedback! If you’ve participated in one of our events, either by sharing your work or by being an audience member, we’d really appreciate your thoughts. If you have positive comments to make, these can both be useful to quote in funding applications and will give us a warm glow about the ears. And if you’ve got criticisms, small or large, then these are also valuable, because they’ll help us to improve and develop our work into the future. So whatever you’ve got to say, it’ll be a massive help to us if you could take a minute to e-mail your thoughts.