Second Degree Burns: Open Mic Tuesday 25th Jan

The Inky Fingers Open Mic takes place in the main room of the Forest every fourth Tuesday of the month, from 8-11pm. It’s free to come and free for anyone to perform, regardless of style, experience, or identity. We want to hear from everybody. We want your poems, your rants, your ballads, your short stories, your diaries, your experimental texts, your heart, your mind, your body. We want the essay on your summer holidays you wrote when you were four, your adolescent haiku, and extracts from your eventually-to-be-completed epic fantasy quadrilogy. We want to hear your best new work as well. And we want people to care about the way words are performed.

By felicitous coincidence, the regular Inky Fingers Open Mic slot falls on Burns Night this year, so we’re claiming that prestigious slot to throw the stage open to your performances. we want to hear from the Burnses and the McGonagalls, we want to hear from everyone who loves words. The theme for the night is “Second Degree Burns”; you can choose to write something to that theme, or to celebrate Burns Night by responding in some way to the Scottish writing’s grand traditions, or you can ignore the theme entirely, which is well in keeping with the Inky Fingers way.

Our feature performers this month are Kirsti Wishart and Kevin Cadwallender. Kirsti lives next to a graveyard and tells beautiful and funny stories about Edinburgh and more; Kevin is a Yakker poet and jack-of-many-trades, whose sharp and popular work has appeared in just about every medium you can think of.

Open Mic slots are five minutes long; e-mail inkyfingersedinburgh AT gmail DOT com to sign up and be sure of a slot.