Stories & Poems, Audio and Video

A guest blog from Matt Macdonald, who’s handy with a recording device!

Here at Inky fingers we don’t believe in dreaming small – so in the interests of world domination  we’ve branched out to the world of video and audio documentaries.

Starting with our packed out and entertaining Second Degree Burns event in January – we’ve been experimenting with video cameras, dictaphones and the internet to produce small videos  of our features and our open mic performers delighting us with their words and performances.

For our first series of videos we were lucky enough to capture Kirsti Wishart performing an excerpt from her excellent story The Piss Artist – a tale of morbid drinking, Edinburgh and what has to be the best – “We were drunk and messing about…” story ever told.

Following Kirsti we have Daru McAleece – whose dramatic performance of Tam O’Shanter was both entertaining and also as deranged as the Bard himself would have liked – definitely an experience you should experience if you can

Next, we bring you the mellifluous vocal talents of Louise Boyd (one of our fabulous organisers!) whose story Magpie brings a whole new (and somewhat creepily sensual) possibility to where any loose change you’ve ever lost has gone.

Finally, we were delighted to be able to bring you the hysterical verses of Kevin Cadwallander. He entertained with a twenty minute slot of some of the funniest verse I’ve ever had the joy of listening to (indeed, there’s a very good chance that the high pitched laughter you can hear in the recording is mine!) Kevin read Mac-God, a vibrant attempt to irk McDonalds; Windmills Of Your Mind; a remix of a song from The Thomas Crown Affair made famous by Alison Moyet;  10 Problematic  Things To Say To A Woman Bus Driver On Boarding the Sunderland bus, With Apologies to Adrian for Stealing His Wheelbarrow – which left the audience in fits of laughter and Existentialist Bricklayer a wonderful sketch where philosophy and manual labour meet to ensure that every building has a sense of its own purpose.

We’re looking at getting the cameras out on the next Open Mic (which as you already know is tomorrow – 22nd) – so go to our You Tube channel and keep your eyes peeled for more brilliant words brought to your computer in the near future!