ANNOUNCING: August Minifest – Callout!

Inky Fingers Edinburgh August Minifest

Callout for Performers

Calling writers, performers, poets, storytellers, spoken word artistes, linguistic experimenters, and everyone who cares about putting beautiful words in a beautiful order!

Inky Fingers, Edinburgh’s live-lit organising collective, are programming a spectacular wordly mini-fest at the Forest Café, 8th – 13th August 2011, and are looking for proposed events and readings from writers around the country.

Do you have an idea for a weird and wonderful word-related event? Do you have an awesome spoken word show you want to try out in Edinburgh? Do you have a show in Edinburgh already and would like a chance to promote it to wider audiences? Or are you just an awesome reader looking for a slot to perform at? We want to hear from you!

* * *


  • We want to have a space for spoken word &c in the August festivals that is free and liberated;
  • We want to programme a balance of local writers/performers and folk from further afield, so that local writers can reach a Festivals audience and incoming writers/performers can connect to the local scene;
  • At Forest we’ve got access to some great audiences, and we want people with funky ideas for spoken word &c to be able to reach them;


  • Forest is a free venue. Audiences don’t pay to get in, and performers don’t pay to hire it.
  • We provide the venue, the equipment, tech support, online and (some) print publicity you provide yourself, a good idea, and energy to make the mini-fest a success.
  • You can ask for donations during your performance to help cover your costs; we cover our costs through booze and food sales


  • We have quite a few “lunchtime readings” slots on offer, which will be divided equally between local and incoming performers. To apply for a half hour slot, just tell us who you are, what you do, and what your experience is.
  • We have a few slots for afternoon and evening shows. On no more than one A4 page, tell us who you are, what your idea is, what your time and tech requirements are, whether your show has been performed elsewhere before (or during the festival), what your experience is, and anything else you think we ought to know.
  • We also have the energy and space to support really wild ideas. Got one of these? Pitch it to us in whatever way you think best.
  • Any and all of the above should be emailed to by 10th June at the latest. Programming decisions will be finalised by mid-to-late June.


  • We’re expecting a lot of proposals, but we only have six days to programme for this initial minifest experiment. We won’t be able to programme everybody. We won’t even be able to programme every great idea we receive or awesome person who contacts us. Our decisions will be based on gut instinct and various chance factors. We’ll try and do right by you, but we’re doing this for free and in our spare time, so be nice to us. And hey, even if we can’t programme you, we’ll be running quite a few open mics and we’d love to see you there.


  • Inky Fingers ( is an unfunded grassroots organising collective. We run monthly open mics and workshops in Edinburgh, as wellas various special events. We care about supporting new writers, and providing a space for people to speak out, to work on their writing and performing, and to enjoy a community of writers and performers.
  • The Forest Café ( is an independent arts-events-food-social-chaos-space in Edinburgh. We provide free and open events spaces for literally anyone to come and perform in, and we also have loads of amazing projects — like an art gallery, a publishing house, an award-winning experimental performance festival. We run on volunteer power, and we like a good party.

* * *

That’s all! Any questions, e-mail Please feel free to forward this callout to anyone you think would be interested.


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  1. the word is a medium to express and remember our perceptions of the world, physical, emotional and spiritual, That helps us to enjoy our life and development, protect us from ignorance and create understanding. thank you

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