WordLab #3: Richard Tyrone Jones

“Making Poetry Out Of Horrible Things”, with Richard Tyrone Jones

Sunday 24th July, 2-4pm
Action Room, Forest Café, Bristo Place, Edinburgh

Building on our hugely popular monthly open mic (fourth Tuesday) and writers’ groups (second Thursday), Inky Fingers is launching a new series of special free workshops, where the best of local and national writing and performing talent will be sharing their skills. Each month, one of our open mic feature performers will be running a workshop to stimulate your brains and help you expand the horizons of your writing and performance.

Richard Tyrone Jones is not only the Director of ‘Utter!’ Spoken Word, but a wide-ranging and versatile host, guide, poet, writer, writing workshop leader and spoken word event organiser. His work ranges from the amusingly daft, through the witheringly self-deprecating to the multilayered, poignant and formally innovative, always cut through by a strong vein of ironic humour, bold leaps of the imagination, a strident voice and a deft technique. He has this to say about the workshop:

“You know all those poems where middle-aged middle-class people talk about the wonderful sunsets they saw in their holiday in Tuscany, and ‘ooh, a snake looked at me’? Ruddy boring aren’t they. Well, now we’re going to make poems out the horrible things in our life, which should be much more interesting. What would alcoholism look like if it was a pet? We’ll foresee our own inevitable deaths and turn them into great hulking unstoppable metaphorical juggernauts. That should be a bit more interesting. And if you don’t get any decent writing out of it, well, it should work as some weird kind of therapy.”

Places are limited: e-mail inkyfingersedinburgh@gmail.com to sign up.

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