Over the last wee while Inky’s been doing a lot of shouting about how amazing this Minifest is going to be. And it is! Forgive us for shouting about it: we’re very excitable, we’re still quite fresh to organising, and we think we’ve got something special happening. And sometimes shouting leads to amazing things happening, like today, when we were declared from the Guardian on high that we are one of Edinburgh’s top literary haunts. The Edinburgh literary Twittersphere (isn’t that a gorgeous muddle of syllables?) got quite excited about that article, which made us remember just how much other stuff is also happening. Because we certainly don’t think we’re the only amazing spoken word thing happening this August! Oh no. There are a huge number and range of organisations and people throwing there all into a stunning literary fringe. So we thought we should pause the shouting about ourselves and take a moment to do some shout-outs. We’ve tried to get most of it in, but we’ve probably forgotten something. Let us know if we’ve missed you out and we’ll update the post!

Edinburgh Book Fringe (11th – 25th, Word Power Books)

Focussed on readings and radicalism, this wonderful and established literary fringe festival launches with Alasdair Gray and features everyone from Mark Thomas to Pauline Black to our own good friends Writers’ Bloc.

PBH Free Fringe: Spoken Word Programme (7th – 28th August, Banshee Labyrinth)

Focussed on Spoken Word, this year’s director Ali Maloney (aka Harlequinade) has done an amazing job of co-ordinating a great programme of local, national and international shows. It’s a meaty potpourri of stuff (to give you a suitable weird mixed metaphor), and PBH have done great service to spoken word in Edinburgh over the last few years.

I Am Not A Poet (7th – 21st, Forest Café)

Focussing on the fertile crossover between visual art, text and video, there’s a huge programme of installations and interactive events here. We’re working closely with IANAP on a couple of events, and are delighted to be turning Forest into a literary wonderland with them!

Havers and Blethers (1st – 20th, Captains Bar)

Every night down at Captains, a beautiful folk pub round the corner from us, is a mixture of poetry, song and story — loads of local writers, and a few guests as well!

Blind Poetics (Blind Poet, 1st/8th/15th/22nd/29th)

“Every Monday in August at The Blind Poet, join host TEXTURE for an explosive night of spoken word and performance, featuring short stories, poems, music, monologues and much, much more! With VERY SPECIAL GUESTS! Open mic spots available – email Come! Pimp your show to the friendliest crowd in the Burgh!”

Edinburgh Zine and Small Press Fair / Faceplant (Forest Café, Sunday 7th)

Local organisers and multimedia performance troupe, Zorras, present An Edinburgh Zine & Small Press Fair. For one day only, The Forest Cafe will be turned into a bookshop – featuring rare and hand-made zines, chapbooks, books, CDs and other ephemera. Some of the UK’s finest zinesters and small presses will gather to bring you independent poetry, fiction, comics, visual art and music. Entry is free.

Followed by a fringe-of-the-margin-of-the-edge-of-the-fringe production, where you can move outside the mainstream, and not even risk your pennies. Faceplant: a showcase of the brilliantly unpopular will feature some of the UK’s finest poets and musicians who create art that is far beyond the ordinary. Witness performances from the strange to the sublime, and leave with stunning words, images and melodies floating in your head.

Golden Hour (Book Festival Thu 18th August / Forest Café Wednesday 24th)

Edinburgh’s much-loved long-running literary cabaret comes to an end . . . or does it?