They Shoot Writers, Don’t They?

In a room in Forest, there are five people writing. They’re going to be writing for 36 hours straight. They have to begin a new piece of fiction every hour. And they can’t leave the building at any point.

Come and visit them. Encourage them, inspire them, poke them*, provoke them. Buy them a cup of coffee. They’re going to need it.

They’ve been at it for 4 hours already.  They will finish at 10pm tomorrow night. We’ll let you know how it goes.

I think they might be my new heroes.

They are…

Bex Balfourth

She’s a cleaner and writer living in Edinburgh.  She mainly writes poems and has branched into short stories and shorter stories.  She wants to do the writing marathon to see whether, in all the ramblings likely to emerge, there’ll be a few gems.  She likes everyone.

Lucy Johnstone

Lucy Johnstone has at times been a songwriter, performer, pre-school teacher, mental health community worker, development officer, toilet cleaner,artist, firefighter, chef, mother, wife, dog ‘s companion and is currently a kitchen manager in the Forest Cafe.

Born in Edinburgh 1964 she spent 17 years living on a small Inner Hebridean island returning to Edinburgh ,via Easdale Island in September 2010.

She says…’I read a book of poetry when I was about ten called I Have No Gun But I can Spit. . My early heroes were (and still are) Dylan, Guthrie, Stevie Smith… songs and poems about protest, relationships, the complexity of life and the belief that the written/ spoken word can catalyse change. Me too. I am looking for 36 poems about the characters and situations I plan to build a one human show around, that’s the plan…..’

Alec Beattie

Alec Beattie is an Edinburgh based publisher, writer and performance poet. He writes about whatever inspires or irritates him. He’s taking part in the marathon because it’s there. Like a mountain to a mountaineer sort of thing.


Lara has been writing her whole life. She says… ‘and it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I can remember. I write constantly. Music inspires me more than books, although I count Marya Hornbacher, James Frey and Bret Easton Ellis as my favourite authors. I wanted to get involved with “They Don’t Shoot Writers” because in many ways it seems like the ultimate creative challenge- the idea of “writer’s block” not being an option. I’m curious to see what happens when my creativity is under pressure and I look forward to meeting other writers willing to put themselves through the same. Also, I’m partial to anything which allows me to indulge my caffeine addiction.’

Stephen Redman

Stephen Redman is a Playwright, Director, Poet, Critic and Flash Fiction Blaggard.  His last two scripts where produced by Flatrate, at The Tron Theatre Glasgow. His writing has been published in the Type Review, Low Expectations in High Fidelity and Fringe Report. It has also been read aloud, many, many times during his tenure as resident poet at Initial Itch, Glasgow.
Some of his work has been reviewed ‘favourably’ in the Scotsman, The Skinny, What’s on Stage, Across The Arts and View From The Stalls. The rest of his work – hasn’t.
Stephen wishes everyone good luck with the Edinburgh festival thing but confesses to finding the whole thing a bit noisy – sometimes he feels like he’s drowning.
He is hoping that by locking himself in a room with other writers he will make some new friends, write some words and maybe, just maybe learn how to swim in Edinburgh.


*Not physically. We can’t really allow that.

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