Happy New Year! Inky Fingers Open Mic Returneth!

Happy New Year! The legendary Inky Fingers Open Mic returns for 2012 with a brilliant new show. Courtesy of renowned house of words Cargo Publishing, our feature performers this month are authors Allan Wilson and Tracey Rosenberg.

Harry’s gone on holiday, so your evening has been left in the shapely, charming, over gesticulatory and occasionally misshapen hands of Rachel McCrum and Alec Beattie. We’re going to take care of you. We promise.

Image by Brittonie Fletcher.


And we still have a few Open Mic slots left! As always, it’s free to come and free for anyone to perform, regardless of style, experience or identity.  We want you. We want your poems, your rants, your ballads, your short stories, your diaries, your experimental texts, your heart, your mind, your body. We want the essay on your summer holidays you wrote when you were four, your adolescent haiku, and extracts from your eventually-to-be-completed epic fantasy quadrilogy.  For 5 minutes on a stage, we want you to tell the audience what you’re thinking about the world, how you’re feeling about your breakfast or the best story you’ve never thought you could come up with. And we want you to tell it to them well. Email inkyfingersedinburgh@gmail.com to reserve a place.

See y’all next Tuesday. We hope that you enjoy the show.