Wordlab #4: Carving Out the Poem

Carving Out the Poem: You, Your Poems, and the 3-Dimensional World
a special workshop with poets-on-tour Jon Sands & Ken Arkind

The Hide Bar, 15-17 Argyle Place, Edinburgh
Tuesday 28th February, 5-7pm
book in advance by email. entry by paywotucan donation.

When our life experience suggests that celebration always comes laced with a hint of melancholy, and joy is a border that surrounds sorrow; how can we construct poems that acknowledge a complicated and dynamic world? How do we avoid writing that only does one thing, and performances that transform us into caricatures? How can we guide an audience into the experience of what it actually feels like to be us?

In this workshop, we will explore tangible ways to reveal a 3-dimensional view of our poems. Bring a notebook, pen, and a sense of adventure as we take our art to the edge of the universe, and bring back proof that we’ve been there.

WordLab is a series of occasional workshops presented by Inky Fingers, designed to be open and exciting places for writers and performers to develop their work. We bring you professional workshop leaders; you bring yourselves; magic happens.

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