World Community Arts Day: The Videos

We were lucky enough to have our fabulous launch event for Craigmillar Writers Group filmed by Billy McKirdy, and here’s the full record!

Harry Giles: MC

Donald Smith: Opening speech and song

Andrew Crummy: History of World Community Arts Day

Eleanor Livingstone: Poems

Johnni Stanton (CWG): Poems

Peter Scott (CWG): Poems

Nikki Barnes / Heather Turner

Susan Heron (CWG): Poems

David Sisson (CWG): Poems

Kevin Finlay (CWG): Poems

Telfer & Treeby: Stories with music

Rachael Bell: Musical Intermission

Rose Fraser (now Ritchie): Poem

Milton Balgoni: Poems

Katherine McMahon: Poems

Alec Beattie: Story

Rachel McCrum: Story

Jordan Butler: Poems and Rap

Andrew Ferguson: Poems

Jak McKenzie (CWG): Poems

Diane Heron (Craigmillar Makar): Poems