Open Mic 24th April feat. Telfer & Treeby

April 24th, 8-11pm, The Third Door
featuring Telfer & Treeby

This month, we’re featuring the stories of Dickson Telfer, performed to sounds and music from William Treeby. The duo’s words and music have been capturing full houses all over Scotland in the past year, and we’re pretty excited to be headlining them for the first time in Edinburgh. Their illusrated anthology, Killing a Spider, is out now, with great reviews across the board

The Inky Fingers Open Mic takes place on the fourth Tuesday of the month, from 8-11pm. It’s free to come and free for anyone to perform, regardless of style, experience, or identity. We want to hear from everybody, and we want to support everybody in performing for a friendly audience. We want your poems, your rants, your ballads, your short stories, your diaries, your experimental texts, your heart, your mind, your body. We want the essay on your summer holidays you wrote when you were four, your adolescent haiku, and extracts from your eventually-to-be-completed epic fantasy quadrilogy. We want to hear your best new work as well. And we want people to care about the way words are performed.

As well as the open mic, each night features top performers from the UK and further afield: we bring you the best in poetry, storytelling, fiction, and everything else that involves putting beautiful words in a beautiful order!

Spaces to perform are limited, so please email to reserve a space.