Minifest Workshops

Here at Inky we’re pretty proud of the Minifest we have lined up for you.  We’re especially excited this year to bring you a host of workshops to inspire you.

We are bringing the first ever (that we know about) workshop on the thorny issue of rejection – how as a writer do you deal with rejection?  Can you turn a negative into a positive?  What can we learn from it, and how can it make us better at our writing?  Hosted by the Inky crew of Mairi, Tracey and Rose.

We also have the magnificent Rebecca Green who will be lead a thoughtful workshop which aims to use storytelling to help us with our relationship with death.

Hot-footing it up from London, Nick Field will deliver a workshop on how to turn your personal stories into great art.

We are expecting high demand for our workshops so if you would like to reserve you place please email and put the title of the workshop you would like to attend in the subject line.  All the details of the workshops can be found here.  What?  What’s that you say?  The price?  Oh, they are all at the popular Inky price of FREE!