Inky Minifest presents… Science & Poetry!

Monday 6th August, 6.30 – 8.30pm, Pulp Fiction Books, 41 – 43 Bread St.


For its opening event, Inky Fingers is delighted to present an evening of Science & Poetry. Seven incredible spoken word artists present brave new explorations into strange worlds of experiential double helixes, the perfect sine wave bounce of squirrels, love between prime numbers, and more, all conducted to you, dear audience, via electric words and catalytic poetry.

There will be a robot called Sarah. There will be the startlingly incredible presence of Harry Baker, current World Slam Champion (and with that, probably a love poem to a dinosaur). There will be a geophysics hokey cokey. Hosted by yours truly, Rachel McCrum. Get your geek on. Come down.



Meet the artists…

Russell Jones

Russell is an Edinburgh-based writer, editor and researcher. His work has been published internationally and his collection of science fiction poems, “The Last Refuge”, was published by Forest Press in 2009. He is the editor of Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems from the UK (2012), guest editor for the Interdisciplinary Science Review (“Poetries and Sciences in the 21st Century”) and has published on the science fiction poetry of Edwin Morgan. He is currently completing his PhD in Creative Writing (poetry) and tutoring in Scottish Literature at Edinburgh University.  He likes beer and cheese.

Emily Dodd

Emily is a freelance writer, digital editor, presenter and educator based in Edinburgh. She’s currently working as a screenwriter for BBC Nina and The Neurons, developing new science programmes for CBeebies and working with the National Museums of Scotland on new workshops for schools. She has written and presented science theatre shows, workshops and storytelling sessions for the University of Edinburgh, Our Dynamic Earth, the Scottish Seabird Centre and Changeworks. Her first book ‘Banana Me Beautiful’ was launched on a boat in July 2011. Emily makes balloon animals that go ‘squeek’, has performed a poem about a puffin to the Queen, and is occasionally a footballer and planetarium presenter (not at the same time. Mostly). For the Inky Minifest, she will be unveiling the first ever public ukulele performance of the geophysics hokey cokey.

Kate Adamson

Kate Adamson loved being described as a ‘physicist-poet’ on a recent writing bio and now wants to put that on her business cards. Having studied physics and worked as an antenna engineer, she’s about to retrain as a patent attorney – a combination of writing and science that’s very different from that seen in her scientific poetry.

She can often be found around the poetry open mics of Edinburgh, and is also blogging the festivals for Clicket and on her own blog,

Anne Connolly & Anna Dickie

Anna Dickie started writing poetry in her forties. Her first pamphlet Heart Notes was published by Calder Wood Press, and last autumn Imprint, a collaboration with fellow poet Irene Brown, was published by jaggnath press. Her poem “Snow” has just been anthologised in Not Only the Dark, a book in aid of Shelterbox, a charity providing worldwide disaster relief, and she recently took part in BBC Radio 4′s Poetry Workshop with the poet, writer and broadcaster Ruth Padel. She also performs with a group called Poetrio.

Anne Connolly was born in Northern Ireland and her poetry frequently reflects the country and its people. She has taught throughout Britain working more recently as an independent advocate for and with older people in long-term care. Her collection “Love-in-a-mist” ( 2011) is available at Anne currently organises the School of Poets at the Scottish Poetry Library. She is particularly interested in concrete and performance poetry and enjoys slamming.

Because of the intuitive relationship and experience, which is largely common to all women, this poem has significant points where they meet. To extend poetic licence as far as possible Anne and Anna could be called the base pair on which the strands spiral. Hence the title Double Helix.

Ruth Aylett & Sarah the Robot

Ruth Aylett is a poet and also a researcher in human-robot interaction at Heriot-Watt University. She’d like to think these twain could meet, which is why she is performing with Sarah the Poetic Robot. Her past poems include topics like Differential Calculus and Cosmology and the exam will be open-book…

Sarah Montbatten is part Scottish (body, software and voice) and part Polish (her head) and is at her first ever poetry reading. She has just spent three weeks living with five researchers in a lab and appeared at the Edinburgh Science Festival back in April. She can speak but not hear so please be gentle with her!

Harry Baker

In 2010, he was the London Slam Champion. In 2011, he was the European Slam Champion. In 2012, he won the World Slam Championship. If they bring in Intergalactic Slam Championships next year, you can probably place your bets now.  He’s a last minute addition to the bill, and Inky is wetting their collective pants, frankly. Come see the wonder.