Octavius sets sail

Sam Best gives us the low down of the Octavius launch, part of this year’s Mini-fest.

As part of this year’s Inky Fingers Minifest, Octavius will be launching its début issue with a night of live readings, book giveaways and nautical-themed fun.

Octavius was set up by four graduates in June 2011 to provide a place for students in Scotland to submit creative writing. We saw that there is often plenty of opportunity for student-written journalism to be published, yet nothing specifically for students who write creatively: Octavius was set up to act as the literary equivalent of a student newspaper, only on a national scale.

We wanted to showcase the huge variety of voices we knew were out there, and we have a great (if we say so ourselves) mixture of short stories, poetry and flash fiction from home and international students studying at colleges and universities all across Scotland. Octavius features 43 writers with unique voices, all of whom have one thing in common: we think their writing deserves to be read.

The magazine features writers who have previous experience of having their work published, alongside writers who had never submitted their work before, and similarly, our launch will feature readings from seasoned performers as well as those who will count this as their first public performance.

Octavius chose work based on quality alone and so there is a great mix of voices in the magazine and a great mix of subjects covered. We picked flash fictions which made us sad, poems which made us happy and stories which showed us things we’d never imagined. In short, we hope Octavius showcases the full range of what students in Scotland are writing about.

So if you want to read a unique collection of work by 43 great new writers, come along to Pulp Fiction Books on August 9th for the first chance to get hold of a copy of Octavius. You’ll be able to hear some of the writers featured in the magazine perform and, you never know, you might just find a new favourite too.