World’s Smallest Slam at the SPL (Oct 11)

October 11th, 6.30 – 9pm
Scottish Poetry Library

Inky Fingers is hosting the World’s Smallest Slam*, and we’re looking for poets!

A slam is a high-energy poetry competition where poets perform for a panel of judges as well as an audience of rabidly vocal fans, and the winner receives adulation beyond their wildest dreams.  The World’s Smallest Slam* is part of a showcase event at the Scottish Poetry Library.  Instead of being sensible and doing something simple, we’re cramming an entire slam into twenty minutes.

To make this work, we need 4-5 poets.  One of those poets could be you!  Whether you’ve slammed internationally or have never read your work in public at all, we’d love for you to apply. The competitors will be picked at random from all entrants.

If you’re interested in being one of the World’s Smallest Slam* poets, please send an email to and confirm:

  1. That you are available from 615pm to 845pm on Thursday 11 October. (The event begins at 630pm, but we don’t know the running order yet so we want everyone ready to go from the start.)
  2. That you are able, ready, and willing to perform 1-2 poems.  For the first round, you need a poem of up to 90 seconds.  If you are one of the two highest-scoring poets you’ll be in the final, and you’ll need a second poem of up to 2 minutes.  Timing is PARAMOUNT – shorter poems are just fine, but if you go over the time limit you will be notified by a BIG NOISE and will have to stop without finishing. Poems do not need to be memorised.  No props or costumes – just you and your poem!
  3. Optional: If you are interested in being considered for the position of sacrificial poet. This poet will  perform one poem of up to 90 seconds before the competition begins.
  4. That you are not already participating in the showcase.  If you’re part of the 10RED or Neu! Reekie! lineups that night, in any capacity, you are unfortunately not eligible to compete in the World’s Smallest Slam*, because we’d like the audience to be presented with as diverse a range of voices as possible on the night.  However, we look forward to seeing you perform!

DEADLINE: the evening of Friday 28 September.  That email address again:

We’ll notify all applicants within a few days of the deadline.  If we select you to perform, we’ll send you a brief outline of the World’s Smallest Slam* so you know exactly what to expect.  You’re also encouraged to ask the Inky crew any questions you like, because we want you to feel as comfortable as possible before you take to the stage.  (And of course, fire us an email if you have a question we haven’t answered here.)

Entry to the showcase event is free for performers

*NB this claim has not been independently verified.