Quiet Forest: Call for Installation Poetry

quiet forest

call for installation poetry
deadline July 17th
event August 6th

Inky Fingers is looking for contributions to create an oasis of words for a day during the Fringe, in the Forest Café – somewhere to come and chill out with some poetry and prose at your own pace.

Instead of our traditional live-performance-at-a-microphone, we want to explore some new ways to perform poetry within a space – with or without the performer present. We’re looking for spoken word embodied in space and things, page poetry made 3D-smellovision-tastic; poetry installations and interactive pieces, which allow people to touch, feel, see, smell, hear or play with a poem, or literally search for meaning in a space. It could be a poem-treasure-hunt, a gardenpoem, a meal or morsel with words, it could incorporate photography, painting, sculpture, one-to-one performance in a created space, recorded or live spoken words, book art, set design, games. The idea is to install words in the space – somehow, however you want to – so that people can come and experience it.

Please send us a 200 word proposal by July 17th. If you’ve never been to the Forest Café, we would recommend a visit to get to know the space before you decide what you would like to do. The event will be on 6th August.

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