Revenge of the Dead Poets Slam (Nov 30)

DPS poster 2

November 30th, 7-10pm
The Bongo Club, now at 66 Cowgate

A poetry slam with a difference!  Every slammer performs the work of a dead poet, using props, costumes, and over-the-top theatrics.  Will Sylvia Plath go head-to-head with Emily Dickinson?  Could William McGonagall trounce William Wordsworth? Come enjoy three rounds of classic poetry brought to life!

For Book Week Scotland, Inky Fingers is hosting a Dead Poets Slam, and we’re looking for slammers willing to bring dead poets to life!

What’s a slam?
A slam is a competitive poetry event in which poets are judged on poetry, performance, and audience response.  Those with the highest scores in the first round go through to the next round, and eventually one poet wins it all.  (In this case, “all” includes a National Book Token!)

Why do I want to perform in a Dead Poets Slam?  Because I am very much alive, I’ll have you know.
A Dead Poets Slam is a slam in which living poets take on the personae of dead poets!

Nope, still confused.  And not dead.
You perform the work of a dead poet, not your own poetry.  Say, for instance, that you have always desired to personify Dorothy Parker (d. 1967).  You’d recite some of her poems, preferably in a gravelly American accent, and you might wear a fetching cloche hat and carry a martini glass whilst doing so.

So you’re allowed to use costumes and hand-held props?
Please do!  This makes the slam even more entertaining and will earn you points from the judges.

Which dead poet should I choose?
That’s entirely up to you.  All that matters is that a) they are dead and b) you select poems written by that poet which you can perform in the slam schedule: the first round is two minutes, the second round is two and a half minutes, and the final round is three minutes.

Do vampire poets count as dead?
We are not having this discussion.

What about zombies?
Look, if you want to throw your name into the hat, send an email to by 6pm Friday 25 October.  Put ‘Dead Poets Slam’ in the subject line.  Tell us a) your name, email address, and phone number, and b) which poet you want to perform as.  (You can name two or three poets in case your first choice is taken by someone else or you aren’t sure yet.)

Sounds awesome!  When is the Dead Poets Slam?
Saturday 30 November at the Bongo Club.  You must be able to arrive at 645pm and stay until 10pm.  Even if you don’t perform, we hope to see you there!