Open Mic feat. Stephen Barnaby


8 – 11pm, Tuesday 7th January
The Forest Café, 141 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

The Inky Fingers Open Mic now takes place every first Tuesday of the month, from 8-11pm. It’s free to come and free for anyone to perform, regardless of style, experience, or identity.

We want to hear from everybody. We want your poems, your rants, your ballads, your short stories, your diaries, your experimental texts, your heart, your mind, your body. We want the essay on your summer holidays you wrote when you were four, your adolescent haiku, and extracts from your eventually-to-be-completed epic fantasy quadrilogy. We want to hear your best new work as well. And we want people to care about the way words are performed.

Our feature this month is Stephen Barnany who does astonishing things in parcels of 50 words. We are told: “Stephen was raised by stoats and left able to speak only in fifty snuffly, grunty noises, which today he will translate and randomly rearrange for your edification. If you would like further information about Stephen, he can be contacted by leaving breadcrumbs in woodland clearings and hiding behind a tree.”

Open Mic slots are five minutes long; e-mail to sign up and be sure of a slot, and check our website at for more details.