Open Mic July 1st

Miko Berry open mic

Inky Fingers Open Mic
July 1st, 8pm
Forest Café, Lauriston Place

As always, the Open Mic is on during the first tuesday of the month between 8-11 pm. It’s free to come and free for anyone to perform, regardless of style, experience, or identity.

We want to hear from everybody. We want your poems, your rants, your ballads, your short stories, your diaries, your experimental texts, your heart, your mind, your body. We want the essay on your summer holidays you wrote when you were four, your adolescent haiku, and extracts from your eventually-to-be-completed epic fantasy quadrilogy. We want to hear your best new work as well. And we want people to care about the way words are performed.

This month’s feature is the current Scottish Poetry Slam Champion, Miko Berry. Having recently placed fourth in the World Slams in Paris, Miko is back in Scotland to organise Loud Poets. In starting Loud Poets, he has attempted to “bring poetry to the masses” by making slam-style, heart-wrenching, fist-thumping poetry showcases and slams attractive to larger audiences than traditional events. Miko is also an organiser of Soapbox, a bi-weekly student Open Mic. As a performer and a promoter, he has taken over the Scottish scene in the last two years.

Open Mic slots are five minutes long; e-mail to sign up and be sure of a slot. We’ll see  you there!