Performance 101

speakeasy 15

Yesterday Inky Fingers held the first SPEAKeasy performance workshop since changing the workshop content significantly. A first group of test subjects discussed nervousness, reading from a page vs learning your text and what a great performance looks like. Under Agnes Török’s moderation, the group then spent two hours trying out mic skills, posture and body awareness on stage, how to use voice, tonality and emphasis to better get your words across and how to embody your performances by involving gestures, eye contact and thought-through introductions. They also worked with some performance texts to see how words can be adapted to work even better in front of an audience. Overall, the workshoppers said they left with more confidence and tools for how to continue to improve their performances.

The SPEAKeasy workshops will be running regularly, but will be different on each occasion – the only constant is that they will ALWAYS be free and open to all levels of experience.

Look out for the next SPEAKeasy on this website – and in the meantime why not put your performance skills to practice by signing up for our Open Mic this tuesday, featuring current Scottish Poetry Slam Champion MiKo Berry.

If you’re not feeling too performance-y but are wanting to work on your writing, put your name down for our next READeasy writer’s workshop on the 6th of July.