READeasy 15 February

readeasy 15 Feb 2015

READeasy Writers’ Group
Forest Café

Sunday 15 February, 2-4pm

Whether you are a poet, novelist, scriptwriter, or haven’t yet made up your mind, the Inky Fingers  Writers’ Group is for YOU. We meet to read and talk about each other’s work in a fun, safe, and constructive environment. It is a unique (and free) opportunity to get feedback, to experience new writing, and to hear your work read aloud: and best of all, it is anonymous, so you can feel completely at ease.

Every other month a group of writers meets in a cosy café to discuss their work. Each member submits a piece of writing for the group, these are anonymised and printed out by the organiser, everyone is given one piece to read, and then we take turns reading the pieces aloud and giving feedback.

To attend a session, just drop us an email at, with a piece of your writing attached. Any genre, and extracts are certainly allowed, but the top limit is 500 words, so that we’ve time to read them all. Also, please use  either .pdf, .odt or .doc (not .docx!) file formats.

Come along on the day, and we will read each piece aloud and chat about it. (Let us know if you’re not going to be able to attend, so that we can make your space available to someone else.) Bring a notepad and your wonderful mind!

Places are limited, so please send your email with your piece a few days in advance to make sure you get a space.