Minifest Programme 2012

Minifest Programme 2012

Here be the full details of every show and every performer!

Download the handy one page programme here: inside / cover

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday

NB. Sometimes due to casualty and spontaneity, things may get added. Check the full listings below or follow @InkyFingersEdin to make sure you’re up to date.

All Week

Poetry Polaroids: A Cityverse for Edinburgh

Join Inky in making a poetic map of Edinburgh!

Come to Pulp Fiction any time during the Minifest to take part – you will be given a location, and your task is to go to that place and use it to write something which is no bigger than a polaroid picture. You can do it as a team or on your own, and the writing can be anything you want. Then, bring it back to us and we’ll put it all together on a map, creating a collaborative poetry artwork over the course of the week. We’ll unveil the finished artwork in Pulp Fiction at 6.30 on Saturday 11th, where we hope you’ll join us!

Monday 6th

Science and Poetry
6.30 – 8.30 pm
Pulp Fiction Books

A relaxed set of readings exploring the many worlds of science through sparkling spoken word. Featuring local poets Anne Connolly and Anna Dickie, Russell Jones, Emily Dodd and Kate Adamson, alongside the debut performance of Sarah, the Poetic Robot, a brand new invention from Herriott-Watt, who’ll be performing with Ruth Aylett. Plus a set from World Slam Champion, Harry Baker!

Tuesday 7th

Tues 7th August, 1 – 3 pm
141 Lauriston Place

A special Inky Fingers workshop for all comers, where writers and performers from the professional to the amateur will be sharing the work that’s been rejected time and again. Part comedy show, part therapy, part rant, part workshop: email to take part!

Ash Dickinson
Tues 7th August, 6.30-8.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

A special one-off show from Ash Dickinson. A multiple slam champion in the UK, Ash Dickinson has also performed in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. One of the most in-demand spoken word performers in the country, his debut collection, “Slinky Espadrilles”, was released in May. “Impressive wordplay” – The Times”. “Could do for poetry what Bill Hicks did for comedy” – The Skinny.

Wednesday 8th

Jubilate Agno with James McKay
Wed 8th August, 2.30 – 4.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

A unique durational performance from UK spoken word artist James McKay, who’ll be reciting a psychadelic free verse extravaganza written in a lunatic asylum by eighteenth-century poetry pioneer and religious maniac Christopher Smart. Stay for the whole show or just drop in to revel in the language – either way, expect extraordinary lucidity and  sudden tragic insight.

The Inky Fingers Open Mic
Wed 8th August, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

The Fringe edition of the famous Inky Fingers Open Mic, Edinburgh’s long running platform for people who love words. Come along to here the best and strangest collection of spoken word aroun – or email to take part yourself! Featuring special guest Viv Gee, poet and comic!

Summerhall’s Festival Club
Wed 8th August, 10pm – midnight

Inky Fingers takes over the stage at Summerhall’s Festival Club, to bring you a selection of the best spoken word around. Tonight featuring local star Colin McGuire, alongside experimental texts from Sean Burn and brilliant new verse from Lynsey Calderwood.

Thursday 9th

Personal Poetics, a Workshop with Nick Field
Thu 9th August, 1 – 3 pm
141 Lauriston Place

This workshop for poets and writers explores ways of bringing the personal into their work, and relating and performing stories from direct experience through different aspects of spoken word. Through a number of practical exercises participants can try out using different forms and experiment with blending them to tell a story in a new and unexpected way and create a piece that is as personal and unique as the story they are relating. Nick Field is a major writer and spoken word artist who draws on theatre and live art to create evocative, bittersweet and richly lyrical performance pieces. He has performed at major events, festivals and venues internationally. Email to book a place!

Octavius Launch
Thu 9th August, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

Octavius is a new literary magazine for students in Scotland. Come to Pulp Fiction for readings from some of the fantastic writers in our début issue, as well as for drinks and nautical novelties (may contain hidden treasure) This will be the very first chance to get your hands on a copy of the first issue of Octavius (including new, previously unseen artwork, exclusively designed for the magazine by the amazing Roberto Poliri).

Summerhall’s Festival Club
Thu 9th August, 10pm – midnight

Inky Fingers takes over the stage at Summerhall’s Festival Club, to bring you a selection of the best spoken word around. Tonight featuring visiting star Nick Field, alongside performances from local talent Matt McDonald and Telfer & Treeby

Friday 10th

Ross Sutherland, Emergency Window Book Launch
Fri 10th August, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

Join poet Ross Sutherland and indy publisher Penned in the Margins for the launch of Emergency Window. Welcome to a science fiction reality of mirrors, windows and menacing simulacra –where nothing is as it seems. Sutherland interrogates the language of authenticity, presenting the poet as an anxious, disorientated collaborator trapped in a world of hacked computers. Emergency Window features a hilarious version of Little Red Riding Hood, a poem written using Google Streetview, sonnets inspired by Street Fighter 2, and computer-generated translations of classic literature.

Saturday 11th

Are We Asking For It?
Sat 11th August, 2.30 – 4.30pm
Somewhere in Edinburgh

A score for passers-by, a performance for an unknown audience. A piece of guerilla spoken word theatre, Are We Asking For It? explores the relationship between art, language and communities of protest. Mary Paterson is an artist and curator based in London, whose varied and various works have been seen at festivals across the world.

Poetic Polaroids: A Cityverse for Edinburgh
Sat 11th August, 6.30 – 8.00pm
Pulp Fiction Books

Over the course of the week, we’ll be putting together a poetic map of Edinburgh based on the writing you submit – if you would like to join in, the details are here. Whether or not you’ve added something,  welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat to see what we’ve all come up with, as we unveil the finished artwork!

Wunderkabinett: A Spoken Word Variety
Sat 11th August, 8 – 10.30pm
Pulp Fiction Books

Collected together and presented to you, Cabinet finds the beautiful and obscure and presents them to you ‘on the shelf’ channeling the Victorian cabinet of curiosities, the German wunderkabinett. A mixture of song, spoken word and performance art, Cabinet presents local performers and artists exploring new content, and invites participation from the community. Wunderkabinett is an evening to launch Cabinet within Edinburgh, with performance art, puppetry, and ukulele ballads and many more surprises.


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