We run professional workshops for groups and organisations throughout Scotland – and further afield! Our team of organisers includes trained performers and writers with loads of experience in facilitating workshops for everyone from school groups to masterclasses, from experienced writers looking for a boost in performance skills to first-time writers looking to get started.

A list of the workshops we currently offer is available below, but we can also develop new workshops on request. If you’re interested in hiring us to run a workshop for your group or organisation, then please get in touch! Email telling us:

  • What your organisation does
  • What kind of workshop you’re looking for: Writing or performance or something else? For an hour, a day, a week? For what size group, of what level of experience?
  • What budget you have
  • What the dates for the suggested workshop are

Proceeds from our workshops are split between the professional facilitators and Inky Fingers itself, helping to make our events better for everyone. Inky Fingers is part of The Forest, a registered charity (SC 038234).

Our Workshops

These are set workshops currently available from the Inky Fingers team: each of these has been tried and tested with groups and professional organisations. Our team also has expertise in a wide range of writing and performance skills, so new workshops for your requirements can be developed on request.


This workshop combines group writing with aspects of performance. After a warm-up exercise, we will create a piece of writing together, taking turns to write a line each, finishing up by performing it as a group. The emphasis is on spontaneity, openness and supportive peer feedback, aiming to get participants writing and performing words with less anxiety and more enjoyment.

with Katherine McMahon
(age 7+ / 15 min to 2 hrs / mixed ability)
previously run for: Festival Theatre, Scottish Poetry Library

Page to Stage

Been scribbling for years but never known how to speak your words? Just started trying out poetry but are excited to perform it too? Just want to boost your confidence in standing on a stage? This is a workshop in how to bring words on the page alive on the stage. We’ll cover techniques for boosting confidence and overcoming nerves, ways to make your performances more exciting and engaging, and how to get started in the spoken word community.

with Harry Giles
(age 14+ / 90 min to 3 hrs / mixed ability)
previously run for: Edinburgh Libraries, Keats House, Glasgow Sculpture Studios


Can rejection ever be a good thing?  Writers and performers from the professional to the amateur will share thoughts on how to handle rejection – the horrible, unpleasant experience that goes hand-in-glove with being creative.  Part therapy, part rant, part writing workshop.

with Tracey Rosenberg
(age 12+ / 30 min to 3 hrs / mixed ability)
previously run for: Scottish Poetry Library

Taking the Streets

Know how to perform and how to read your words well, but never tried street performance? This workshop will teach you how to use your body and voice well to be strong in the streets, how to gather and engage a street audience, and how to cope with the unexpected challenges that street performance will throw at you.

(age 14+ / 3 hrs to 3 days / some performance experience needed)
with Harry Giles
previously run for: Edinburgh International Science Festival, Apples & Snakes


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