Inky Fingers is a series of events in Edinburgh for people who love words. We believe in throwing words wide open: we want everyone to be able to create with language and share their work. We care about supporting and encouraging writers and spoken word performers, creative experimentation, building communities of writers working together to create, and putting on fantastic events that celebrate language.

Inky Fingers was founded in October 2010 by Harry Giles and Alice Tarbuck, who began with the simple aim of running open mics and writers’ groups at Edinburgh’s open access arts centre, the Forest Café. The events really took off and audiences grew more rapidly than anyone had expected, so the organisation grew and grew. We began to run special events – like our infamous DFAP Slam – and in August 2011 ran the first Inky Fingers Minifest, a 6-day celebration of spoken word.

Over the years, Inky Fingers has been strongly supported with a stable team of volunteers, continuing our regular programme of free events, the open mics and writers groups, and also bringing in some amazing touring talent to feature, like Paula Varjack and Jon Sands. On top of that, we’ve collaborating with other organisations to bring our energy and style to new spaces — like running a Friendly Slam for StAnza and performing poetry on Lothian Buses with Perviously… the Edinburgh History Festival.

After seven years, Inky Fingers is Edinburgh’s longest running open mic night with a wonderful faithful audience all across the city.

We look forward to meeting you. Join in.

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