Get Stuck In! Write! Perform!

Three Awesome Ways To Be Part Of The Minifest

1. They Shoot Writers, Don’t They? (Thursday 11th)

A 36 hour endurance writing hothouse experiment thing.  Get in. Stay in.

The idea: Why don’t we get a bunch of writers and make them stay in a room for 36 hours and…you know…write? Like, write a new poem or story every hour? And see how long they last? It could be a beautiful hothouse of concentrated creativity and intense fervour. Or end up with a room resembling apocalypse in the asylum.

There are prizes.


Email for the rules and to sign up. Places very limited and vanishing vast.

2. Sinful Tales (Monday 8th)

Storytellers, spoken word performers and singer-songwriters, send us your sins! If you’d like to be part of the Seven Deadly Sins in The Forest Cafe at 3pm – 4.30pm on Monday 8th August, email your offering to morag.edward(at) BY FRIDAY 5th to grab the last five minute slot of each cardinal sin. The Inky Fingers Minifest audience eagerly awaits your lust, greed, pride, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony…

3. FlashFictionMob (Tuesday 9th)

Are you a writer of flash fiction? Are you free in Edinburgh during the day Tuesday 9th of August? Are you brave/crazy enough to create a flash fiction mob (you see what we did there!)?

We at Inky Fingers don’t do anything by halves – so in addition to our packed schedule of events during the day Tuesday, we’re going to be running a ninja campaign of flash fiction mobbery! Running at a selected series of central locations and times to be confirmed we’ll be bringing together some beautiful words and some beautiful people! We’ve still got some slots ready and waiting for you to step into! That story you’ve always wanted to tell – here’s the soapbox and adoring crowd you’ve been waiting for!

If you answered “Hell Yeah” to any of the above questions then drop us a line at to sign up for some of the most impromptu fiction you’re ever likely to experience!

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